Drivesafe Evoc

accurate Results on your Cell Phone

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Drivesafe Evoc

Versatile, Ergonomic, Active

Results on your "Smart" phone.

Introducing to you the DRIVESAFE™ evōc, tailor-made for our tech-savvy audience. Made using electrochemical sensors, the DRIVESAFE™ evōc gives you accurate BAC results every time. Its size makes it a perfect breathalyzer to check your BAC anywhere. Just connect it to your Apple IOS or Android smartphone and check your BAC level. It is that easy.

  • Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

  • Has Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Uses industry acclaimed electrochemical sensor; provides accurate results every time you use it.

  • Stores your previous BAC results.

  • Tweet, Facebook or text your BAC results.

SKU #: 93-002605


More Information

DRIVESAFE evōc app

Use the DRIVESAFE evōc app to display and store test results and provide an estimated time to recover sobriety.